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created from Jerusalem Stone.



Our Story

My name is Adrienne Dentith and I am the wife of renown Artist of Israel, D. Henry (Henry Dentith).   The story of Jerusalem Stone Jewelry began when I would accompany Henry on his sketching forays around all Israel.  We never stopped being overwhelmed by the history and beauty of the land.  For Henry, a transplanted Englishman who became an Israeli citizen and served in the Israeli Army Reserves, Israel and its people became all consuming.  Painting the land he so loved was his greatest treasure. Throughout the years, we conceived the idea of bringing the stone of Jerusalem to others but in a novel and very special form – cut and polished like a jewel and set within pendants or formed into beads.

We hope that you will take a journey of the imagination to the Holy Land –  to the Land of Israel, and feel the joy and exhilaration that comes from knowing you are gazing upon, holding or wearing close to your heart, a piece of stone from that most holy of cities.



Each purchase is accompanied by a full-color Story Card that has been printed on a reproduction of one of D. Henry’s oil paintings of Jerusalem.  This beautiful card adds interest and meaning to the pieces.  The Story Card has always been an important selling feature of our jewelry. In addition, each piece comes with an explanatory tag and even a pretty little gift bag.  A total package!


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Creation Bracelets – beautiful, made to the highest standards of workmanship and totally unique in all the world.

Jerusalem Stone Jewelry is happy to present bracelets containing seven beads of Jerusalem Stone.  These beads represent the seven days of creation with the larger, center stone set apart and symbolic of the sanctity of the Sabbath.  The various kinds of semi-precious stone beads and crystals were selected to highlight specific acts of creation.
  Certainly, stone from no other place on earth is more fitting to honor the biblical recounting of the Lord’s Creation than stone from the Land of Israel and from the city of Jerusalem.  King David is believed to have established the United Kingdom of Israel and Judea in 1000 BC.  And there his son, Solomon, built the first Temple.  These events, along with the story of Creation are recorded in the Book of Genesis   How thrilling it is to actually visit Israel today and know that Jerusalem is the capital of modern Israel as it was in days of old.  Jerusalem Stone Jewelry is also thrilled to bring you a piece of that Holy Land Stone in this beautiful and symbolically profound form.
Note:   The toggle clasps used in these bracelets are from TierraCast and are genuine pewter and  made in the United States.  We have selected these toggle clasps to enhance the look and value of each bracelet.
Return Policy

We believe that you and your customers will be thrilled with this original form of Judaic Jewelry. If for any reason you are not satisfied with your purchase, simply return the package to the following address and your purchase price will be promptly refunded:

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